How to Clean and Organize Your Attic

Many people struggle to keep their attic clean and organized. Maybe you're one of them. But who can blame you - we fully understand the struggle. While the attic can be your best storage space, it can also quickly become a disaster area if left unattended. You need a methodological approach, and this post shows you how you...

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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Summer is most people’s favorite season of the year. It means more afternoon dips in the pool, barbecues, and suntans. Unfortunately, the excessive heat and humidity can quickly suck the fun out of your summertime. Read on for nine ways to keep your home cool this summer. 1. Close the Blinds It can be tempting to keep your blinds...

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7 Pros and Cons of Using a Headboard

While many beds today come with a headboard, there is no absolute requirement that your bed should always have one. For many, it’s an added touch for design and functionality, or it’s merely something that came along with their bed of choice. However, truth be told, your bed may function just as well as it should—as a bed,...

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Wood Stove Door Gasket Replacement

Traditional open fireplaces undoubtedly look good and create a cozy atmosphere in a cold and snowy evening, but their efficiency is not particularly impressive. That is why many people go for wood stoves — not exactly a high-tech heating solution, but certainly a fairly safe and reliable one. In the end, every time electricity fails, your wood stove...

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Putting Love Into Your Home Design

This post was developed via a partnership with BetterHelp. Home design can be incredibly fulfilling. It may be exciting, like choosing a gorgeous mural for your master bedroom, or it might be more tedious, like researching a replacement gasket for your wood stove. In every aspect of your home design, however, you want to put as much love...

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Options to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Window Coverings

While considering window coverings for your house, you should not overlook the bathroom windows. Bathroom Window Coverings are both for decorative purposes and also bring out functionality. Bathroom window coverings should be able to let in enough natural light and still prevent someone from seeing inside. The type of window covering will largely be determined by the location of the bathroom window. If the window is near the shower or bath tab, you need...

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