OMG! Solar Powered Water Purifier?

Solar-powered Water Purifier is Inexpensive and Efficient

There is no doubt that water purifiers can be very expensive. And especially if you are going hiking or camping, then you already know clean drinking water is extremely important. But taking your water purifier everywhere you go can be a hard task.

However, what you can try is using the solar powered water purifier. Solar powered purifier is one of the new kind of water purifiers which was recently invented. Well if you’re looking for the best water purifier then read this article.

A University of Buffalo-led team of researchers developed a low-cost, highly effective purification method that makes contaminated water drinkable. The researches have used inexpensive materials and simple design.

And the best part of this water purifier is that it can retail for less than USD 2 per square meter. The cost is in stark contrast to water purification systems completely depends on the optical concentrators and can cost more than USD 200 per square meter.

However, the research team believes that the new design could bring life changing opportunities for the remote communities where there is a lack of electricity or pure water. Or it can be used by those affected in natural disasters.

The solar powered water purifier is made out of expanded polystyrene foam, and carbon coated paper. And the polystyrene keeps the structure afloat and acts as an insulator. Also, there is a paper which absorbs the water.

The paper comes with a carbon coating, which helps the paper to absorb sunlight and heats the water enough to change into the vapour. And the vapor leaves contaminants behind.

So when the water is cooled, it becomes potable water. In tests, the design lost only 12 percent of the heat generated, a rate far more efficient than the options that are currently on the market.

In addition to that, the researches also belives that this solar powered water purifier is capable of producing between 10 liters of drinking water each day. And it is more than enough for most of the people out there.

However, cost is one of the main problems whenever it comes to adopting many new innovations. And there are quite a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are looking for different ways to make different productions and making them available for different communities around the world.

Even there was another solar-powered water purifier that uses bubble wrap and a sponge to boil water. This new solar panel design also produces drinking water that is accessed via an integrated tap. However, we are yet to see how many communities are going to adopt this kind of technology.

Final Words:

Innovations are happening all around the globe. However, the main reason that stops these technologies for getting adopted by the public is the availability. Most of the innovations lack funds, and they fail to reach to the normal users. And as a result, this kind of technology hardly gets available to the remote area. So what do you think about his? Do feel free to comment below.

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