Best 4 Rugs and Carpet Cleaning in Phillipsburg, New Jersey


Are you seeking top-notch rug and carpet cleaning services in Phillipsburg, New Jersey?

Look no further! In this article, we present a comprehensive list of the 4 best cleaning services in the area.

From deep cleaning to stain removal, these professionals are equipped with the tools and expertise to make your rugs and carpets look like new.

Whether you have a high-traffic area or a delicate antique rug, you can trust these local experts to provide exceptional results. Keep reading to find the perfect rug and carpet cleaning service for your needs!



Call Now: (908) 859-4488

Address: Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

ABE Carpet Cleaning


Call Now: (908) 859-4010

Address: 808 Belvidere Rd, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Business Payment: discover, visa, master card, amex

American Window Cleaning

Call Now: (908) 454-7430

Address: 672 Metz St, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865



Really Great people and they really do a Great Job, will call again/

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Spotless Window Cleaning


Call Now: (908) 859-6449

Address: Phillipsburg, NJ 08865



I called this company to get my windows cleaned. The owner’s wife was very nice and informative. I asked her what the service included and she told me they would clean the inside and outside of the windows along with wiping down the sills. I tell her I have high windows that they will need a ladder to get to and ask if they are equipped with that. I also tell her that there are 23 windows I need cleaned, figuring I’d do the 2 sliders, 3 doors and 4 windows I can get to myself. She tells me they are running a special this month for $6 a window instead of the regular $8 in order to keep the guys busy. Obviously, the problem with the company staying busy is in large part due to the owner. Here is how everything progressed. My window cleaning was scheduled for 8:00 on a Wednesday. On Tuesday night at 9:00 pm, Wayne calls me at home and states that they double booked work for the following morning and the other end was an emergency. I’m thinking….”you do window cleaning what can the emergency be?” but give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He is willing to reschedule at my convenience the following day. We choose 3:00. 3:00 the next day comes and goes and then 4:00…at 4:30 I call to see if they are coming and am connected to an answering service that sends messages to the owner. All night I never hear from the guy. The next morning at 10, I call and he tells me that his wife is away and he couldn’t find any of my info anywhere. Again, I give the guy a break. He says he has three kids and is lost without his wife but never apologizes. He says he will be at my house as soon as he finishes the job he is at. 12:00 comes and I call him because I need to drop my daughter off at preschool and want to make sure I don’t miss him. He picks up after 2 rings and then the phone goes dead. I take my daughter to preschool, come back and try him again at 12:45. He picks up and says he will be done with the job he is at in 20 minutes. I tell him at the point that I feel like someone is playing a joke on me. He says “No joke…I’ll be there.” Here comes the kicker! When he shows up at 2:00 his helper counts the windows. I go out to greet him with a smile and say “You’re finally here!” I walk down to him as his helper is counting the windows and tell him I don’t need the front four windows, sliders or doors done. He tells me to call another company, he’s not doing the work. I ask him if he’s serious and tell him I’ve waited three days for him to show up. He says “I’m not doing this for $6 a window when you want me to do all the hard stuff.” Uhhhhh…yeah….that’s why I called him and was paying him. PLEASE do not waste your time like I did with this guy and if you do… of luck to you!

Business Payment: visa, master card

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