How Instagram Changed the Way We Decorate

In the last few years, Instagram has affected practically all parts of our lives. From the way we communicate, arrange dates, to our beauty standards and vacation choices, you name it. Instagood life has taken over the majority of our life arenas. This comes as no surprise whatsoever, given the ridiculously creative photography, angles, and an occasional Instagram...

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5 Tips to Have A Better Sleep in Winter

Surprisingly enough, the hot summer nights are not the only time when people are struggling to sleep. Many of us are experiencing trouble sleeping during the cold, winter nights as well. The reason for that is the uncomfortable sleep environment that we have created for ourselves. In today’s article, we will be sharing five amazing tips that will...

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5 Reasons You Have Trouble Sleeping and What to do About it

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep for optimal health. The benefits of sleep range from the psychological to the physical. These include improved cognitive functions, better immune system response, and a lower risk of depression and disease. Unfortunately, 30 percent of the world population has some form of sleeping difficulty. For some people, it is just a little tossing and...

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