iBlogger, a version of ecto for iPhone

The new owners of ecto, illumineX, Inc., have worked hard to make a version of ecto for the iPhone. The new product, named iBlogger, has been available for over week on App Store. I have been involved as consultant, sometimes even helped fix some bugs. It has turned into a great blogging app for the iPhone. I recommend it heartily, especially since the illumineX team is continuing to improve the app and add user-requested features. It’s not a free product, but you get excellent support and each new version will be better than the previous one.

Just like ecto, iBlogger is compatible with all blog systems, from Blogger to WordPress, as long as they allow communication via the Atom and XML-RPC protocols. Here are some screenshots:

The editor has support for adding images, url and geo-location. Tags and categories are obviously supported as well. Personally, I think tagging can be much improved and there should be an easier way to edit the body without using the “Edit” button and not having to worry the user tried to tap on a link.

For me, the release of iBlogger shows that illumineX, Inc. has great future plans for ecto on the desktop and mobile platform. I also got to see how they work; they have a hard-working team that knows its stuff.

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