OMG! Solar Powered Water Purifier?

Solar-powered Water Purifier is Inexpensive and Efficient

There is no doubt that water purifiers can be very expensive. And especially if you are going hiking or camping, then you already know clean drinking water is extremely important. But taking your water purifier everywhere you go can be a hard task.

However, what you can try is using the solar powered water purifier. Solar powered purifier is one of the new kind of water purifiers which was recently invented. Well if you’re looking for the best water purifier then read this article.

A University of Buffalo-led team of researchers developed a low-cost, highly effective purification method that makes contaminated water drinkable. The researches have used inexpensive materials and simple design.

And the best part of this water purifier is that it can retail for less than USD 2 per square meter. The cost is in stark contrast to water purification systems completely depends on the optical concentrators and can cost more than USD 200 per square meter.

However, the research team believes that the new design could bring life changing opportunities for the remote communities where there is a lack of electricity or pure water. Or it can be used by those affected in natural disasters.

The solar powered water purifier is made out of expanded polystyrene foam, and carbon coated paper. And the polystyrene keeps the structure afloat and acts as an insulator. Also, there is a paper which absorbs the water.

The paper comes with a carbon coating, which helps the paper to absorb sunlight and heats the water enough to change into the vapour. And the vapor leaves contaminants behind.

So when the water is cooled, it becomes potable water. In tests, the design lost only 12 percent of the heat generated, a rate far more efficient than the options that are currently on the market.

In addition to that, the researches also belives that this solar powered water purifier is capable of producing between 10 liters of drinking water each day. And it is more than enough for most of the people out there.

However, cost is one of the main problems whenever it comes to adopting many new innovations. And there are quite a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are looking for different ways to make different productions and making them available for different communities around the world.

Even there was another solar-powered water purifier that uses bubble wrap and a sponge to boil water. This new solar panel design also produces drinking water that is accessed via an integrated tap. However, we are yet to see how many communities are going to adopt this kind of technology.

Final Words:

Innovations are happening all around the globe. However, the main reason that stops these technologies for getting adopted by the public is the availability. Most of the innovations lack funds, and they fail to reach to the normal users. And as a result, this kind of technology hardly gets available to the remote area. So what do you think about his? Do feel free to comment below.…

These Friendship Lamps Sync To Each Other And Connect Loved Ones, No Matter Their Distance

Long distance relationship is also getting quite popular these days. Even not just long distance relationships, there are people who are living far from their homes. Or a family living in different states. And the thing is that the distance always sucks. However, to reduce these distances, a new kind of technology came out, which is known as the Friendship Lamps Sync. These are new kind of gadget that is getting hugely popular these distance.

The long distance Friendship Lamps Syncs with others. And all you have to do is touch your lamp, and the other person’s lamp will get light up. It does not matter how far the other person is. As both of the lamps will be connected via the internet.

Also, a 67 years old mom got one of these lamps for her 8 year old daughter. And according to her, the lamp works in the real-time, making her feel more closer to her daughter.  Even this device is getting widely popular around the couples or someone who wants to keep their relationship with their family members more authentic. And you can use one of these lamps to communicate with anyone you would like to.

There is some other person online who said that “I got one of these for each of our family’s six family units spread from Connecticut to Tennessee to South Dakota”. Also, according to him, the product works great, and I love watching it light up when someone else gets home, or wakes up, or just wants to say hi.

This lamp is also a pretty great option for those who do not like to call their own parents. But wants to deliver a message. This way, you do not have to call anyone at all. Instead, by touching the lamp, you will be able to deliver your message.

Getting started with friendship lamps is also pretty easy. There are some configurations that need to be done. Along with that, you will need an active internet connection, and you are good to go. Also, you will have to purchase multiple friendships lamps. And connect them with each other if you want to deliver your message to multiple people.

Each of the people will get their own colored lamp. And whenever someone touches their lamp, the other lamps will show that color. Really cool, right? Also, we used to see the family-friendly movie at once at a different location on our favorite free site called Project Free Tv; Incase you don’t find a site, here’s Top alternatives for project free tv site.

Friendship lamps also come in different sizes, shapes, and features. So you can easily pick something that really reflects your personality or meets your requirements.

At Last:

Overall, the friendship lamps are a pretty unique technology and the best gift for your loved ones. You will find both expensive and inexpensive models in the market. Plus, you have to purchase at least two lamps to make it work 😉…

Everything You Need To Know About Sewing Machine Needles

There is no doubt that it is pretty fascinating that a small needle can do huge wonders and take your sewing project to a new level. By using a perfect needle for your sewing project, you will be able to create perfect and beautiful stitches. Also, by using a wrong needle can create a lot of mess. Like, you will deal with issues like skipped stitches, crooked stitches, and so on.

So the question is how to pick the right needle for the job? And how you will figure out if the needled is damaged? Well, I will be answering all these questions in this article only.

Wait! If you’re beginner then you gotta read this best sewing machine for beginners guide. You’ll love it.

And let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Sewing Machine Needles – Everything Explained:

Anatomy of a Sewing Machine Needle

  • A sewing machine needle may seem simple, but it has different parts. And these parts are explained over here:
  • First of all, there is the shank, which is the part that seats into the sewing machine. And it is referred to as the flat side of the needle that goes towards the back and the rounded side towards the front. Even there are some needles that come with a completely round shank.
  • Then there is the shaft, which is the part of the needle that tapers down from the shank.
  • Next, there is the groove that runs in the front of the needle to the eye. The thread is seated securely into the groove when the needle penetrates the fabric.
  • Also, there is the eye of the needle where the thread passes from the front to the back. Also, different types of needles come with different types of eyes.
  • You will also find a scarf which located on the back of the needle, and it is smooth indentation behind the eye. You can easily find the scarf with your finger.

Needle Sizing:

The thing about Needles is that it comes in different size has different numbers. This is because different types of materials need different needles.

The European sizing system gauges the needle diameter in fractions of a millimeter, while the American size is usually a smaller number. However, here are the basic needle size that you usually get to see:

  1. For very fine or lightweight fabrics: use size 60/8 or 65/9
  2. For light weight fabrics: use size 70/10 or 75/11
  3. For medium weight fabrics: use size 80/12 or 90/14
  4. For heavy weight fabrics: use size 90/14 or 100/16
  5. For very heavy fabrics: use size 110/18

Final Words:

Sewing needle machine needs a different kind of needles because you have to stitch different types of materials. However, by following the above sizing guide, you will get a clear idea of what kind of needle would be the best option for the kind of material you want to work on.

So go ahead and check that out. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below.…

A wonderful and fabulous 2019 to you all!

I wish you all a happy new year. I know I should blog more often, but I tend to have a list of things to do and usually, other things win over blogging. Since one of those things is looking after my baby boy born last April, you cannot really blame me. Nao’s a true bundle of joy, an active explorer who’ll go where no one has gone before.

I have no resolutions for 2019. I’m just taking responsibility for doing the creative best I can with my own life. Of course, there’s a lot of things I want to do and/or gain. Perhaps I’ll get to that this year or perhaps it takes longer or perhaps it will not be attained. Life’s unpredictable, let’s just take it day by day.

Right now I’m very grateful for the wonderful family I have, the roof over my head, the job at Technorati Japan. I’m a happy camper.

I hope you all are too or at least find what you are looking for this year. It’s your life to mold into what you want it to be.…

I Tried the New Dyson Hair Dryer and Here’s What Happened

Whenever it comes to hair dryers, Dyson is one of the best companies out there. And there are quite a lot of beauticians who use it.

And the thing about the beauty world is that blow dryers are not exactly the most exciting thing. Of course, technology has improved a lot in the last couple of years. And the quality of the hair dryers has also increased.

But one thing you would agree with me is that the look of a hair dryer is pretty the same as it was before. And the same design is getting followed since the time hair dryers invented. And if you’ve curly hair then you gotta read this article:

However, all these things had changed when Dyson announced to launch their new hair dryer, which comes with a very refreshing and unusual design at that.

Also, trust me, I was a bit confused when I looked at Dyson’s new hair dryer. And as you already know that Dyson is pretty famous for vacuums than beauty products. But, I was quite surprised that a company belonging to some different industry stepping into a completely different industry and trying to revolutionize the outdated design. And it is really fascinating to me.

Plus, I was lucky enough to get a prototype of the all new Dyson Supersonic blow-dryer with different magnetic nozzles. And trust me, it definitely blew my mind away.

This is because it is just a prototype and not a final product. But the product still offered me all the features and enough power that I needed. Sadly I could not review the hair dryer in a detailed way.

But the overall look and feel of the hair dryer are pretty amazing and really revolutionary. The best part of the hair dryer is it is lightweight and extremely easy to use. Also, it comes with a completely different look than most of the hair dryers. So yes, I am obsessed with the design. And it was really fun to blow my hair with this new piece of technology.

Moreover, a good part of the product is that it is already available in the market. And you are free to purchase one. However, it is bit expensive compared to the normal hair dryers. But yes, there are quite a lot of features that you will be getting with this hair dryer and not with any other hair dryers out there.

Overall, this hair dryer is pretty powerful and fast. It is small in size and comes with a powerful motor which offers you enough air to blow your hair. Even the best part of the hair dryer is that it is 6 times faster than any other hair dryers in the market. Plus, you are getting an air multiplier technology that produces a high pressure, high velocity jet of controlled air. So you can get a fast drying and precision styling experience.

So make sure to check the product out and see how it is working for you.…

iBlogger, a version of ecto for iPhone

The new owners of ecto, illumineX, Inc., have worked hard to make a version of ecto for the iPhone. The new product, named iBlogger, has been available for over week on App Store. I have been involved as consultant, sometimes even helped fix some bugs. It has turned into a great blogging app for the iPhone. I recommend it heartily, especially since the illumineX team is continuing to improve the app and add user-requested features. It’s not a free product, but you get excellent support and each new version will be better than the previous one.

Just like ecto, iBlogger is compatible with all blog systems, from Blogger to WordPress, as long as they allow communication via the Atom and XML-RPC protocols. Here are some screenshots:

The editor has support for adding images, url and geo-location. Tags and categories are obviously supported as well. Personally, I think tagging can be much improved and there should be an easier way to edit the body without using the “Edit” button and not having to worry the user tried to tap on a link.

For me, the release of iBlogger shows that illumineX, Inc. has great future plans for ecto on the desktop and mobile platform. I also got to see how they work; they have a hard-working team that knows its stuff.…

Don’t mind my dog

he sky was colored light brown with sand and dust picked up and strewn about by strong gales. We were on the way back home. I drive our car along the road past the train station in Fujishiro.

Up ahead a woman is walking her dog. She does not walk on the sidewalk. Rather, she walks next to it, on the road. Behind her, on a leash, a small fluffy dog is following. It’s round and white, carried by 4 stick-like legs, and limps a bit. The dog does not walk on the sidewalk, either.

It walks instead right in the middle of the road and the woman seems to be totally unaware of that. It is as if she is not walking a dog. I slow down the car since it appears the odd pair is not planning to move aside.

I stop. The woman, in her fifites with a creased and weathered face, is hunched over to ward off the cold howling wind. As she trots past the car, the woman turns her head and looks at my puzzled face. Her eyes ask if there is something I want to know. Yes, there is a lot I’d like to ask, but she moves on. The dog tries to walk through the car, but in the end gave in and slowly hobbled around us. We continue our journey home, baffled.…


When writing kanji, those pictograms you typically see in Chinese and Japanese, the order you draw the strokes is important. There are basic guidelines you can follow. Kee’s studying basic kanji at the moment and I have joined her studies since I think it wouldn’t hurt to practice more Japanese. She got this cute anime poster with stroke order hints.

However, as in all languages, there are subtle exceptions. Consider the kanjis for left and right, 左 and 右, respectively. The order of the first two strokes is opposite for each as you can see in the following picture.

An easy mistake to make. I bet a lot of Japanese get this wrong often.…

Passing the torch

After 6 years of developing, maintaining and improving ecto, I felt it was time to move on. From now on, the new owner of ecto will be illumineX, inc. Instead of one guy working on your favorite blog client part-time, you’ll now have a team of developers working on ecto full time. Before I decided to sell ecto, I had a long correspondence with Gary Longsine, the CEO of illumineX. I wanted to make sure it will continue to be in good hands. I found Gary to be a great guy and he convinced me that his team has many new ideas that will keep ecto growing in functionality and power. In fact, they have already developed a blog client for iPhone based on ecto’s code base. I helped out with a few tricky XML-RPC and Atom issues and I was very impressed with how quick the illumineX team picks up things and how fast they work.

I will remain involved with ecto as a consultant and it’s very likely I will develop custom plugins (I already wrote an iTunes plugin). I will always be a fervent user of ecto, so obviously I’d like to see it continue the excellent job it’s been doing. You will also still find me in the support forum.

It does feel odd to let go of something that has been my flagship product and my precious for so long. I put many hours in it and I take much pride in having created ecto. But it remains in capable hands and I now have the opportunity to spend my free time on new things.

If you have any questions about the transfer of ecto to illumineX, feel free to post them in the comments section below.…